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Patient Testimonials

“My post-surgical care and follow up visits were thorough and comforting because I knew that I was working with a Doctor who showed an interest in his patients and wanted to make sure that the results were perfect and the patient was satisfied with his services. My distance and near vision are now normal and I love the freedom of life without glasses.”


“My sister and I would like to thank you for giving us the vision that we have never had before. Both of us have worn glasses most of our lives, but after having you do your magical surgery on us, we can see perfectly….cannot believe what a difference your surgery has made in our lives…a big difference in both of our daily lives….We both highly recommend your surgery to anyone who has cataracts and needs them removed.”

M.M. & S.L.

“I feel very fortunate to have this new procedure available to me when I needed it and to have a surgeon who was skilled and well versed in this new innovative surgery….I can’t thank you enough for giving me the best eyesight I have ever had, without wearing corrective lenses or glasses. I wouldn’t’ hesitate to recommend you to any of my friends or member of my family…”

“Because of my active lifestyle, heavy computer use and desire to drive with no restrictions, I opted for the full-range-of-vision lenses. Yes the procedure is expensive (and not covered by insurance). However, I believe the state-of-the-art procedure that Dr Rosanova uses with such skill is an ideal solution for someone whose daily routine included intensive visual work.”


“Since having you perform cataract surgery last fall my eyesight has amazed me and made my friends jealous. I am very glad I selected you for my surgeon, chose to have you do the most advanced surgery available to me and selected the multifocus lens. Without glasses both my distance vision and near vision are excellent. I also want to compliment you and your staff for your professional and caring attitudes…for making the experience comfortable and the result excellent.”


“The results…have been nothing short of amazing!!My sight is now better than 20/20…The care and expertise of Dr Rosanova and his entire staff has been fantastic. Previously I had surgery on my other eye….not done by Dr Rosanova….The difference between that surgery and the one done by Dr Rosanova is unbelievable. I would highly recommend …Dr Rosanova…You will be in very competent and professional car by him and his entire staff during the surgery and also during your follow-up care.”


“I would whole heartedly recommend you to any friend. I could not be more pleased with the outcome….Vision is simple again, as it was many years ago before I was 40. With the Multi-focal lenses …I no longer need either contact lenses or glasses. It was especially helpful to be able to contact you directly by (your) mobile phone at any time for questions or concerns.”


“The laser procedure for the cataract removal went smoothly. I consider my vision perfect. I am satisfied with the procedure and would highly recommend Rosanova Eyecare.”


 “The procedure was painless and easy for me. I was scared but you were gentle and kind during the whole thing. Thank you for explaining everything to me and for your kindness. Your staff was also kind during my office visits and in the hospital. I can now see clearly thanks to you.”


“Your explanation along with your video preceding surgery were excellently detailed, answering all my questions. Your concern and follow thru in the weeks following surgery were remarkable. Sincere thanks…An A+ to all of you!”


“I feel fortunate that this level of eye care and surgery is available in suburban Chicago, and that I was able to be the beneficiary of your skill. You explained the procedure carefully and thoroughly to my husband and me, and answered all our questions. Your post-surgery care is excellent….. Please know that I will be forever grateful for your training and skills and that I feel very fortunate to be your patient.”


“The procedure you proposed was a logical choice, given your demonstrated skills, training and experience. In addition, I must tell you that your support staff, in your office and at the Surgery Center, were exceptionally professional, knowledgeable, caring and efficient before, during and after our surgeries. You have surrounded yourself with a wonderful team, and must be very proud of them. I hope you will continue to hone your surgical skills, incorporating the best and latest procedures and technologies , as you have done so well in the past.”


 “…to express my gratitude for the amazing results of my recent cataract surgery. I was unaware that I could realize such improvement. Thanks to your skill and technique, m vision had been restored to that which I enjoyed many years ago. The care I received was a testament to your professionalism and true concern for your patients. For that I thank you.”


“Thank you for correcting my cataracts using the new computer aided laser. I was amazed….This is not a miracle, but it is close.”


 “Your skill as a surgeon and your knowledge of this new and innovative procedure has given me the vision I never thought was possible.”


 “I was very impressed with the thoroughness of the testing, both prior and subsequent to the surgery. The patience and competence of you and your staff are to be commended.”

 “My cataract surgery was entirely successful and restored my vision to a level that was beyond my expectations. The laser surgery was quick, painless and achieved great results.”


“The procedure I undertook, trusting in your experience and knowledge, is one I may not have had a chance to choose with other physicians. I can say without qualification that I can now see both near and far without the use of glasses….You and your staff went that extra step to alleviate any concerns and made the recuperation process easy.”


“My life is so much better now that I can see everything. It really is a must to have this surgery to restore your vision. I am so glad I did. I would recommend Dr Mark Rosanova to anyone, he is a great doctor and surgeon.”


 “Just a note to let you know, ‘That because of your excellent work, I have gone from myopic man to I can see thru walls!’ (Eat your heart out Super Man!) Thanks again Dr Rosanova!!”

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