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Intraocular Lenses

Various intraocular lenses to decrease dependence on glasses and correct astigmatism have been in use and regularly updated for the past 5-14 years.

However, it has only been within the past 3-5 years that the latest technology, diagnostic instruments, programs/formulas, planning and techniques have made the selection and implantation of these IOLs much more accurate and reproducible than previously. For you, this means clearer, more natural and optimized vision and fewer potential side effects. No longer does cataract surgery only restore your distance vision with the aide of glasses or contact lenses.  Today, we are able to enhance your vision to provide you with a full range of vision and/or eliminate any astigmatism without the dependence of glasses or contact lenses.

The femtosecond laser, diagnostic instruments, lens power calculation formulas, image guided surgery planning tools   and Dr Rosanova’s extensive, unique experience in this arena make these lenses more viable than ever before

Using these Full Range of Vision intraocular lenses, we can restore your ability to focus on things at varying distances including the close vision needed for tasks such as reading, cooking, threading a needle or tying a fishing lure. Even those with astigmatism can benefit from this technology. Thanks to the unique combination of Dr. Rosanova’s expertise and skill, premium multifocal/astigmatism lenses and the advanced technologies of Verion and LenSx, our patients are enjoying outstanding results and regaining their youthful vision!

Although standard cataract surgery with a far (or near) focus IOL may improve a patient’s distance vision, the majority of patients will still depend on bifocals due to astigmatism. Astigmatism is when the cornea is shaped more like a football than a basketball. This oblong shape of the cornea distorts and blurs your vision.  It cannot be corrected with the standard IOL. However, a “toric” IOL is a cylindrical lens that focuses the light despite the cornea being football shaped.

Laser cuts can also be made in the cornea to compensate for this shape. However, these cuts heal differently from person to person. Thus the correction may be less than the full amount needed. The advantage of this toric IOL is that the amount of correction is known and fixed. So, when indicated and possible to use, there are distinct advantages to this IOL.

If you don’t fix your astigmatism, images may be brighter and a little clearer, but will be blurrier than if you fixed it. The finest focus is provided by a toric IOL in the eye.

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